Clash royale Cards

Clash royale Cards

This game is played using monster cards. All cards load at levels 1 and keep increasing. The dream of all gamers is to earn a rare set of card in order to compete and win battles easily. The game depends on collecting cards and upgrading them to reach advanced levels; however, card upgrades are not that easy,

Clash royale Cards

Upgrade of cards while you’re on level 1 to 3 requires 400 gold coins per card; however, when you get to the fifth level, upgrades cost 1000 gold coins and the cost for upgrades continue to rise as you play, win battles, and level up.
All card have different wonderful and beautiful features. There are different categories of cards ranging for fictional cards, golem and dark prince or x-bow, trap cards, cards Fire, ice and others
You get to live in this strange world with these cards. Rare cards are specially powered ability cards that are only available to a few players. Players are always on the lookout for new cards it is order to become the strongest on the platform.

Getting stronger cards and upgrading the level of the monsters will make playing easier. Get group cards and enjoy this attractive fantasy world a lot more.
What is the first step to earning a group card? What do you need? You need gems and gold. Thanks to these gems and gold you will be able to upgrading all your cards from the first level to the last level. Upgrading cards earn your monsters new and powerful features

But how do you get your resources?
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clash royale Resources

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